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06/22/2013 - Free Mobile App Download for

Free Mobile App Download for

Get It On The Go!

The one thing you’re not going to leave at home is your cell phone.  Most people have it attached to their hip, some people would feel naked if they didn't have their phone with them. 

Let's face it, it's a mobile world, we pretty much do everything from our phones.

Check this out, have you ever been somewhere that was lame or with some friends that wanted to hit up somewhere else?  Where can you look to see what was going on where?  Maybe you can't get to a computer to find this information. Maybe you’re on the way home from work, planning for a dinner or a night on the town for some live music and a few drinks? Where are you going to go to get updated, real time information you want for that specific day?

There's got to be an app for that, right?

Yes, there is an App for that and we have it and it’s FREE for DROID and iPHONE users.  You can click the link provided below or search for "MyNightOut" in your app store for the free download.  Find dining specials, drink specials, live music, karaoke, open mics, anything that would suit your entertainment needs.

Click Here to Download our FREE "My NIght Out" App

Now there's no excuse for not knowing what's going on in and around Sault Ste Marie. Our calendar updates on a daily basis and displays the specials and events for that day. You can also plan ahead for another night. It's that easy. How cool it that! You can plan everything from the palm of your hand. 

If a business is missing and you think they should be here, let us know.  We want to make planning a night out in Sault Ste Marie easy for you.  Please help us out and spread the word like a virus. 

Night Out is Worldwide so if you’re ever in another City, Province/State, or Country you can search the city from the mobile app for specials, events, and live music in your current location. You'll
love being able to plan your night on the fly!

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