Planning to purchase roof access ladder? Here are some tips

Several types of ladders are available in the market that can be used in order to reach different heights. A simple wooden or metal ladder can prove to be adequate if the purpose for using the same is household and height involved is shorter. However, the same ladder may not prove to be appropriate to be used as roof access ladder.

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While choosing roof access ladder, you need to consider two factors. Who plans to use the ladder, and how often does the user wishes to use it?

Request your ladder system provider to come and inspect the site so that they can recommend the best type of system. Building’s height, shape, the available space for the ladder, your budget, and the climatic conditions in your locality are some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing the type of system. Select the access bracket, ladder dock, step type, and step size after carefully considering your requirements.

The ladder must comply with AS1657:2013. Before installation, the company must conduct a risk assessment and address all the risk related issues before starting the installation work.

Some states and cities have their own set of safety standards, make sure that the ladder supplier is offering a design that complies with the same and the company has all the necessary permits.

There are cheap solutions available in the market, but then, you don’t wish to face a risk of a fall every time you use the ladder, do you? So, safety and comfort should be your primary concerns and then the budget.

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